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Luego de que Neil Blomkamp publicará en sus redes social algunos artes conceptuales de una película de Alien que jamás se realizó, el furor causado en el mundo es tal que la mismísima reina Alien, Sigourney Weaver, ha declarado estar interesada en participar en una nueva secuela si la realiza el otrora director de District 9.

Pues ahora Blomkamp ha publicado en su instagram la siguiente imagen con la leyenda:

“Um…entonces creo que este es mi siguiente filme. #alien”

Blomkamp lleva años con un guión listo aunque se ignora si es el mismo al que pertenece el arte conceptual que filtró.

“What a time to be alive be an AVP fan”

Recordemos que Shane Black está a cargo de una nueva secuela de Predator, mientras Ridley Scott no para trabajar en la secuela de Prometheus y ahora viene este nuevo filme del xenomorph favorito de todos…

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Hoy es martess

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In the aftermath of a disappointing day at Lake O’Hara, I had hopes for better luck on Day 3.  My plan was to shoot sunrise at Moraine Lake, about a 20-25 minute drive from where I was staying at Lake Louise Village.  The forecast was for mostly cloudy conditions, but I was hoping that I’d get lucky.  As I made the drive, in the dark, down the winding Moraine Lake Road, I could see no stars when I glanced out the window.  As a result, I expected no sunrise this morning.

There was some ambient light when I reached Moraine Lake itself, and because of the time I took to scout the location on Day 1 , I immediately headed to a spot along the lake shore, rather than climbing up to the rock pile, as many photographers automatically do.  The sky was indeed mostly cloudy, but there was…

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CBS Baltimore

Paul Bessire of will join me to give his picks every week for Capper’s Corner. Paul talks about some of the biggest match-ups in Pro and College football. He will tell you where you can find value and we will always discuss the local teams.

Also I give out my College Football picks as well as 5 NFL picks including my Conn-Crete Lock of the Week. My Conn-Crete lock of the week is on the San Francisco 49ers as i expect them to blow out the Eagles. The Eagles have trailed by double digits in each of their 3 games and came back to win all 3. It won’t happen this week against the 49ers. I give out 5 college selections and 5 NFL picks as well. Give it a listen and we will keep track on my end.

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